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The Hotel

Butterfly House Bahia is an eco-boutique small hotel located in Marau, Bahia, 250km South from Salvador. The place has 8 beautifull bungalows and 3 suites, all very well decorated and in the middle of the rainforest. The hotel has a palmenshrouded swimming pool, resting area, beach bar with perfect ocean view, local cuisine menu and an yoga deck. Butterfly House is perfect for those wanting to regenerate and rejuvenate their bodies whilst relax, immersed in tropical gardens with hammocks and bamboo recliners.

Thanks to intelligent architecture and incredible attention to detail, the main lodge and guest bungalows are carved out of nature to blend seamlessly into the jungle. Thatched grass roofs, eco-treated Columbian bamboo and salvaged demolition wood and recycled materials make up the foundations of the hotel. And just as the exteriors reflect the rawness of the jungle, the interiors are a blend of warmth and bohemian luxury. Butterfly House’s British founder has called Bahia her home for the past ten years and created a dreamy combination of South American rusticity and French/Moroccan interiors, inspired by her travels. Sprinkled with antique French ceramics, homespun Moroccan rugs and whimsical Indian objets d’art. In Butterfly House the concept of luxury is disconnection for mundane routines. The Butterfly allows you to reconnect with nature is it purist form. Connecting you with local Bahian culture through the simplicity and desserteness of Marau. We provide silence and surprise, unpredictability and new travel experiences beyond your imagination.


Located on the Maraú Peninsula, in the state of Bahia, the Butterfly House lies upon unspoiled beaches, multicolored coral reefs and the ever-present sea breeze. Freshwater ponds, world heritage listed tropical rain forest and ndigenous tribes are just some of the local attractions. Marau is part of a protected conservation area, allowing little and conscious urbanization – just kilometers and kilometers of unspoiled natural beauty. Butterfly is 15km from Barra Grande, an authentic brazilian fishing village.


Founder of the Butterfly House is a passionate environmentalist so the hotel follows strict routines in favor of nature. “During construction, every precaution has been taken not to affect the local environment and nothing has been damaged in any way. So it took almost 10 years building ….” – She laughs.

Everyday steps are taken to ensure no pollution of the area. And the Butterfly House team try the best to educate and teach our guests and visitors about the preservation of nature around us. The waste is recycled and the inn’s sewer system is designed to produce an environmentally friendly bio-fertilizer.